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Meet Maja, an art lover like no other

Meet Maja, an art lover like no other

Have you ever wondered how Little Otja fans live and what kind of home decor tips they might have? Look no further: we’re introducing the #mylittleotja series, where we’re going to be spending some time with interesting individuals, who just happen to enjoy the company of our bunny rabbit. We’re going to ask them a thing or two about creating the home of their dreams.

Maja Kač is an award-winning journalist—the fearless and enthusiastic culture editor for MMC RTV, Slovenia’s national news website. She doesn’t like standing out, but she’s certainly not run-of-the-mill either. Maja sees her work as a calling and this can truly be felt while reading her articles. She writes mostly about fine art and has a particular interest in neglected and sensitive stories from our history. These might normally get overlooked in the fast pace of journalistic work, but Maja feels they are important for our future, so she takes care of providing them with their own space. Not everyone gets to know what Maja is like in person, but with a little help from our bunny Otja—who she has been a keen supporter of ever since the start—we’ve managed to learn some of Maja’s best-kept secrets!



I studied history and art history—this is where my heart truly lies. I work as a journalist and that passion has carried over to my work. My job is never enough and I’m constantly searching for new challenges to keep me in touch with art.

I live with my partner Tadej and two spoiled cats—Maru and Mini—in a little house, full of plants and books. We have a new family member on the way, who will be in the company of Cuddle Buddies and other friends of Otja.


Art and images have always been important to me and a large part of my everyday life revolves around them. I try to follow them wherever it’s possible — be it to exhibitions and films, outdoor adventures or between the pages of books. They dictate pretty much everything I do; not just my hobbies, but also the people I surround myself with. Together with art, they are what keeps me going in life.



If I had to describe my style, I’d say it’s somewhat eclectic, mainly a mix of old and new. I like items with stories, antiques left over from past eras and aesthetics, as well as modern pieces, which help the old ones blend in with current times. Although I generally like minimalism, I never manage to keep at it for long; I’d sooner surround myself with more things, rather than fewer things. I like to place plants between them, as they create a unique atmosphere of warmth and life. I have a lot of them around the house and if I had to pick a favourite, it would be the pilea plant.

When it comes to color palettes I go for gentle, pastel hues, and classic whites. Someday I’d like to gather the courage to paint a wall a more daring color, like a deep blue.

As far as furniture goes, I like chairs, seats and sofas especially. I mix the old with the new and play around with different color combinations and patterns.

I’m really proud of when I reupholstered this wooden couch in purple velvet. It had once belonged to my grandmother and had been quite worn (my dad is sitting on it in the photo).



Probably when I don’t really think about it and it unconsciously sneaks into my mind and leaves a mark. To be more precise, it’s probably where everybody else: endless scrolling through Instagram, profiles that I like, websites, and of course several paintings, photographs, statues, films and other images that I encounter in my work or while exploring galleries.


For visual delights I would recommend to check the following Instagram accounts: Eva Mlinar, Dino Kužnik, Tadej Vaukman, Staš Kleindienst, Tanja Lazetic and Lucija Rosc. Huda lukna, Jules Villbrandt and Igor Josif for home decor inspiration, Nadja Ocepek and Somewhere Magazine for inspiration in general, and for Kolektiv Smetnjak for some memes.



I like to pick up little things in GUD Shop as well as Formadoma. I get my plants in Džungla and my clothes in Anselma.


I simply take some time for myself, because I feel it’s one of the more important investments in life. When I’m successful at it, I like spending time with my partner, family and friends. Back when it was still possible, I liked going out for good food, to a nice cafe, the movies or just outdoors. I also like being alone — sometimes it’s enough to drink coffee by myself, browse the web, read or just daydream. When I’m feeling less lazy, I like running and cycling.



When it comes to food, I most often make all sorts of salads, soups and pasta. Simple food suits me and it’s not just because I’m not a particularly dedicated or talented cook. I also like going out for sushi and ramen. I don’t eat meat and I love all kinds of vegetables and seasonal fruit in the summer. After disclosing my level of culinary skill, I wouldn’t want to brag with any recipes.


What I like most about taking photos are the likes they get after I post them. ☺ No, but seriously, I go with a certain feeling. I don’t have the knowledge or the courage to give advice on how to take a good photo. I just follow whatever catches my gaze in a certain moment, if I think the colors and composition are interesting enough. If I’m lucky, it might also possess an element of narrative and (very rarely) even humour!




I find it more and more important for products to be oriented towards sustainability and environmental friendliness. I try my best and I’m inspired by my sister, who’s a lot more thorough when it comes to this. I try to minimize my use of packaging and give up unnecessary purchases, although I must confess that my quest for comfort prevails all too often. 

Which products can’t I live without? Nice jewellery, which I don’t have a lot of, but I do have some items that are really dear to me. And also perfume, nice sneakers and comfy jeans. Some neat tea and coffee mugs at home. And my fountain pen, which I have been using for years to write down my daily to-do lists.



I like that it combines aesthetics and playfulness, a mix that I think is perfectly suited to my personality — it really livens up the more laid-back corners of our home. I think that children growing up with these kinds of products will be enriched by a valuable visual experience; one that forms their aesthetic sense and way of seeing and interacting with the world around them.


Maja is on Instagram as @majakac. You can find her work at RTVSLO MMC - Culture. Go and have a look.