Our Story


Little Otja is a Slovenian brand based on quality design and well-thought-out products. Our characters poses a childlike simplicity that sparks the imaginations of kids — and of kids at heart (like ourselves).


Otja and his friends live in the Pine Forest. They come from a world that is pretty much like our own, but with a few slight differences. For example, time passes a bit more slowly in the Pine Forest. And the air, well, it’s just a bit cleaner. These are not huge differences, but they do make life in the forest just a little bit nicer. More time to spend with friends and family. More time to just think, to ponder the mysteries of life. And the fresh forest air, it somehow seems to make thoughts clearer. Otja likes to think about all sorts of things and he loves to share his ideas with children. He’ll share them with you too, if only you lend him your ears.

 Change Driven

Otja and his friends care about the kind of world they live and we do as well. Children are able to grasp many subjects, if only the storyteller engages them in the right way. How to deal with emotions, respond to injustices, understand the world and take responsibility? We promote mutual understanding, cooperation, compassion, environmental care and participation. Otja and his friends are responsible, active individuals. They encourage children — and adults — to be the same.


We try to use natural materials and local manufacturing whenever we can. We do not want to put stress on the environment, so the air in the Pine Forest can stay clean.