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Project Nursery: Benefits of Beige

Project Nursery: Benefits of Beige
Lately, we’ve been getting a lot of inspiration from the fantastic work of the lovely people in our community — so we've decided to share some decoration ideas with you! Today's inspiration comes from the wonderful Instagrammer Colola and her great sense of style. Want to achieve results similar to this lovely children's room full of interior decor items in beige tones? Then read on.

No matter what you call its many variants — cream, latte, khaki, sand, buff, mustard, tan — beige is a classic look that will never go out of style. It’s an elegant and neutral color that works great on white walls or alongside other earth tones. It's ideal for adding touches of playfulness in various combinations.

So, how to achieve a consistent interior look based on beige tones? Art, furniture and accessories can all work together to create a gorgeous room, filled with imagination. First you'll need some decorative elements for your little one's bed — we recommend you get comfy with the Raccoon Junior Cushion and add a Goose Baby Blanket within arm’s reach, thrown over the side of the bed. Then, create your own gallery wall by hanging up some delightful wall art. We have something in every size and for every budget; for this look, we recommend the Animal Tower and Icy Watermelon art prints. Finish it off with some matchy socks — they look great in a basket or, indeed, on your feet!

Foto @Colola

And there you have it — a kids’ room that looks like a modern classic and will remain stylish for years to come.