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Chocolate Date Truffles

Chocolate Date Truffles

Chef Otja is back with a yummy vegan dessert recipe. A simple treat that’s simply delicious.


200g deseeded dates
150 g dark chocolate (non-dairy)
1 tablespoon of peanut butter
1 tablespoon of coconut oil
A pinch of salt
Optional: nuts and cocoa powder for sprinkling


1. Put the deseeded dates into a bowl and pour boiling water over them. Leave them to soak for 10 minutes.
2. Drain the dates using a sieve and put them in a food processor. Add a spoon of peanut butter and a pinch of salt and mix well.
4. Transfer the mixture to a bowl and put it into the freezer for ten minutes.
5. Wet your hands and shape the date mixture into little balls, roughly 2 cm (0.8 in) in size. Lay the rolled balls onto some baking paper.
6. Cut the dark chocolate into small pieces.
7. Bring some water to a boil in a large saucepan. Put the chocolate in a smaller saucepan and place it over the boiling water to melt it. Regularly stir with a whisker or other suitable utensil.
7. Once the chocolate has melted, dip each date ball into it using two forks. When each ball is completely covered in chocolate, carefully transfer it onto the baking paper.
8. You can finish the truffles off by sprinkling them with some crushed peanuts or dip them in some yummy cocoa powder.
9. Put the truffles into the freezer for another 20 minutes and they’re ready to eat!