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Agata and her Bunch of Boys

Agata and her Bunch of Boys
Have you ever wondered how Little Otja fans live and what kind of home decor tips they might have? Look no further: we’re introducing the #mylittleotja series, where we’re going to be spending some time with interesting individuals, who just happen to enjoy the company of our bunny rabbit. We’re going to ask them a thing or two about creating the home of their dreams. 

One day while cruising through Instagram we stumbled upon a great-looking profile called Bunch of Boys and it’s creator Agata Kmuk. Her aesthetically pleasing style won us over immediately—and we’ve been in love ever since. Agata is a self-confessed coffee and chocolate fanatic, who has a talent for sewing (she says she’s learned it all from YouTube). She’s originally from Poland and has relocated to Cork, Ireland, where she now spends most of her time with—you guessed it—a bunch of boys.

little otja_agata kmuk

To start things off, Agata told us a little something about herself.

I’m a full-time mom raising two boys with special needs. I’ve been happily married for 11 years. My background is in economics and computer science and I used to work in hospitals. I’m an optimist by nature and people say that I can be too emotional sometimes. I love parties with good company … and wine.

What made you decide to start instagramming?

Instagram is my little escape from the everyday routine, it’s a space where I can express my artistic soul.

What is your inspiration in life, style, work, hobbies?

A lot of my inspiration comes from instagrammers and bloggers; I admire their amazing photos and I then go about creating my own. I’m also inspired by design and interiors: I love the community around the slow lifestyle magazine Kinfolk and the idea of simplifying one’s life. I’ve recently read their book and it really opened up my mind. I just love handmade work, sewing and DIY projects of all sorts.

Where do you search for new treasures?

Instagram is my go-to place when I’m searching for hidden treasures, including handmade ones. I think it’s a great way to discover new and exciting things.

What major changes have come into your life after becoming a mom?

Definitely hugs, walking, talking … and reading books before going to sleep — this is always such a magical moment.

Could you share some of your funniest moments with your kids?

They usually happen right before the kids go to bed: that’s when they get one last shot of energy and come up with all sorts of funny ideas. Oh, and I also got through the entire Lego Marvel game for PlayStation with my son (#BestMomEver).

Where do you buy things for your children?

I really like stylish concept stores for kids. My favourites include Smallable, Miss Lemonade, This modern life, Mofflo, Giggle and play.

What’s the perfect kids’ room like?

To create a perfect children’s room is certainly a challenge. It should spark their imaginations and become a place where children can play without restrictions. It should be well organized and nicely decorated. In my opinion, it must also encourage kids to develop a sense of style.

Which mother(s) do you look up to?

Every mother who has a lot of patience and consistency is my inspiration. I want to know how she does it and I want to learn from her.

We imagine that you must be quite busy. How do you find #metime?

It certainly isn’t easy. I try to get together with my friends as often as I can, just to have a chat over some hot coffee. This is such a rare occasion in a mother’s life.

What makes you happy?

Happy family time, just being together. 

little otja_agata kmuk
You create some very very pretty photos. What are your favorite subjects?

My absolute favourite subject is my coffee time, my simple little pleasure. I also love shooting interiors. I live in a rented house, so creating exactly what I envision isn’t always easy. I’m trying anyway, but I constantly dream about having my own house.

What is your top five must have products?

My wishlist is too long but I can’t imagine a day without hot coffee, good chocolate, my phone, trainers and makeup.

Last but not least: what do you like about Little Otja?

I really like the design and colours. Everything is so original and modern, while not being tacky. Every product is so unique and just perfect for every kids’ room.

Agata is on Instagram as 
@agata.kmuk. Go and give her a follow.

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