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Have you ever wondered how Little Otja fans live and what kind of home decor tips they might have? Look no further: we’re introducing the #mylittleotja series, where we’re going to be spending some time with interesting individuals, who just happen to enjoy the company of our bunny rabbit. We’re going to ask them a thing or two about creating the home of their dreams. 

Lara’s been interested in healthy food for quite some time. She’s studying to become a nutritionist and wants to live a simple and healthy life - without any clutter weighing her down. She decided to go vegan a couple of years ago. She is careful to mostly use products that don’t negatively impact the environment. We paid a visit to her flat in Ljubljana. She served us a cup of rice milk with turmeric powder and we had a nice chat about healthy living and other things.


I live near the city center, so the park is very close. I just love taking my dog Terra out for walks. I think one of the prettiest parts of Ljubljana is the area around the botanical garden and the boathouse.

I like living in Ljubljana, but I plan on moving to a house in the country with my partner sometime in the future. We can’t imagine a quality life without being surrounded by nature.

Why did you go vegan?

I approached veganism quite thoughtfully. I read a lot about it and I began to understand how food has a huge impact on our environment, our fellow humans and other living beings. We hardly ever think about it, but food contributes to a great deal of pollution. I also love animals very much and I wanted to do something good for them.

I’ve spent a lot of time finding the right information, but today I think that the vegan lifestyle is quite easy. It has changed my life and has a positive effect on my health - and I feel great!

We don't have to give things up in order to eat healthy. This is the mindset that I would like to introduce to people. We would all like to be healthy, but we sometimes don’t know where to start. We’re all busy and we have hardly any time, but I believe that we can nonetheless help each other. We have to be an inspiration to each other, because no one is perfect. I wish we would all do our best to be the best version of ourselves possible. This would mean having a healthy, positive lifestyle and doing our best to take care of ourselves and our planet. A simple life is an easy life.

littleotja, lara

How would you describe your lifestyle?

My lifestyle is quite minimalist. I love routine and keeping things simplified. I run almost every day and I have the weekends to myself. I don’t have many possessions, apart from the things that I really need. I also don’t use a lot of cosmetics, just the basics. With time I realised that I could breathe a lot more easily if I made life more simple.


I love spending my time outdoors. I love going to lunch to Kucha, my partner’s concept restaurant. It has a relaxed atmosphere, so I can drink my coffee or get some work done after I’ve finished my meal. They’re friendly to animals, so I often bring Terra with me. I also like going to bistro Barbarella. As far as shops go, I’m a frequent visitor of Gudshop, where I buy my favorite deodorant - Madres. For cosmetics and food supplements my favorite destination is Orca, and I order other natural products from the Naturisimo website.

Where do you get home inspiration ideas?

I follow the trends in home decor, but only to some extent. I swear by minimalism. I love nature and all things natural, ambients that give a sense of relaxedness and harmony. I like old wooden pieces and vintage sinks. My favourite materials are stone, glass and wood. I like whites, blacks, greys and pastels. I like to incorporate metals into spaces because golden, silver and bronze accessories add a touch of elegance to a home. I really have a lot of silver things.


I find ideas on Pinterest. I follow a lot of lifestyle bloggers with on Instagram. I really like keeping up with Ellen Fischer, who lives in Hawaii with her vegan family. Caroline Deisler is also worth mentioning, as well as mom and organic lifestyle guru Loni Jane

What kind of children products do you like?

If I ever decorate a children’s room, I'll be interested in how useful the products are. And even though I like minimalism, I think a kids room should be magical and full of imagination. I imagine a tipi tent in it. And some Otja wall art, that’s for sure.

I wouldn’t want my child to have too many toys, apart from the ones he'd really need. I hope this would impart a sense of appreciation for material things.

I support local products, which look simple and carry a positive message. In the future, I plan to buy products that are good for my child and the environment.

As far as children’s brands go, I like Sunggle me organicIt’s an American company that makes products locally from GOTS certified cotton.

Your favorite objects...

This reproduction of Picassos’s animals is a favourite of mine. I really like this drawing because it’s simple - every animal is drawn with a single stroke - and it just goes well with everything. Picasso was a big lover of animals, just like me. His dog Lump is one of the five animals drawn. He loved this dog very much and portrayed him frequently.

I have a picture of my first dog Sunni on my window sill. I've adopted Terra and I love her very much, but I'll never forget Sunny. He was a good dog.

I also have a thing for stones and crystals. They help me stay healthy and feeling well. They get their energy from the sun, so I keep them near the windows.

What is your favorite room in your home and why?

I like spending time in the living room and in the bath the most. In the living room I meditate and do yoga: every morning, before I go running. When I meditate, I light some candles and sit on the sofa. I also very fond of my evening routine. The part of the day when I calm down and pamper myself. I remove my makeup, do a facial and brush my hair.


Lara’s green smoothie

Lara starts her mornings with a green smoothie that gives her enough energy for the entire day. You should try it out.

Leafy greens - e.g. spinach, kale (dilutes blood and contains healthy minerals)
2 bananas or any other fruit (gives us energy for the whole day, cleans digestive, contains fiber and healthy carbohydrates)
Berries (rich in oxidants)
Tablespoon of linseeds (source of omega 3 fatty acids)
Spirulina (rich in proteins) 

Lara is on Instagram as @lara_pirc. Go and give her a follow.

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