PFF #3: Get the Llama Look

Do you ever want to dress up like your favorite Pine Forest characters? In our #PineForestFinds series, we’re helping you do just that. For today we’ve looked up some easygoing items inspired by Lix the Llama and his relaxed, beach-ready styling.

Summer is here and Lix the Llama, Pine Forest correspondent for Llama Media International and regular contributor to the Pine Forest newspaper, takes a break from journalistic work and goes to the beach instead.  

He puts on his bright straw hat to keep his head cool under the summer sun. His woven jute bag comes in handy for packing the essentials - water bottle, hammock and pinhole camera. Lix uses the latter to take pictures of life at the beach and explore his artistic side. His wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without a striped beach towel, TWO pairs of woven sandals (he is a llama after all) and a bright white necklace.   

Llama’s picks: 1) Little Otja Llama goes to the Beach poster  2) Madam Stoltz towel  3) Wheat straw hat  4) Hammock  5) Wowen sandals  6) ONDU wooden pinhole camera  7) 100% jute woven bag  8) Knitted Necklace


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