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The Forest Bunch

The Forest Bunch

This is the Forest Bunch. Let us introduce some of its members, from top to bottom: Fox, Dormouse, Goose, Rabbit and Snake. Or, alternatively, from bottom to top: Snake, Rabbit, Goose, Dormouse and Fox!

The Forest Bunch is made up of the Pine Forest’s youngest inhabitants. They’re a group of playfully wacky, clever little tykes that haven’t set foot in a school yet.

“So they go to kindergarten?” I hear you ask.

Well, no. Here’s the deal:

There is no kindergarten in the Pine Forest, at least not like we know it. There are many reasons for this, the first being that the Pine Forest is the safest place in the world. If there existed some sort of contest for the safest place in the world, the Pine Forest would surely win! So, since it is the safest place in the world, there is no need to worry about anything nasty happening to anyone at all. 

The second reason is that grown-ups of the Pine Forest don’t work on every day of the week. Instead, they take turns taking care of the young ones.

For instance, Nanna the Lynx is helping them make a comprehensive herbarium: it’s getting so big that it might set a record for its sheer size! Multimedia artist Ipsum got them involved in setting up a travelling exhibition about the northern lights. 

Lix the Llama is teaching them languages facing extinction and Lorem the Bear is explaining the Forest Traffic Code, especially the parts concerning the appropriate and safe operation of kick scooters. Besides that, the Forest Bunch also finds time to go camping in the canopy of trees (yes, you heard that right) and dancing in the moonlight on the shores of lake Glu Glu. And math, of course, from basic addition of apples and pears to higher mathematics involving a sky full o stars and an infinite number of pine needles. And they even know how to use special wind-catching devices to capture the wind and hear news from all over the world!

One can only imagine what adventures lie ahead for them, once they start going to Pine Forest Elementary School!

If you feel like joining them, there’s only one thing to do — visit the Pine Forest!

The Forest Bunch have their very own Art Print — check it out.